"To appreciate what you have now.
And to focus on what works.
This is the key in my coaching. "
Christiane Kosub

If you want to achieve something new, feel like experimenting.
If you want to reach your full potential.
What are you willing to do to get there?

Coaching from a different perspective.

You are…..


You want to be an authentic, secure leader in fast changing times.


You’d like to make a good first impression and feel soon at home.


You´d like to realise your potential and find out how to get the right job.

ICF- Coach

You are an ICF member seeking assistance in further development.

I am ...

Christiane Kosub

Solution focused coach with global perspective

You are competent and have the necessary strengths to make the desired changes.
You are the expert.

It´s my pleasure to work with you.

I will support you in your growth, especially in the intercultural and professional environment.





Chemistry Call.

One click and we determine what will take you further now. Free of charge. It´s worth a try. I look forward to meeting you.

30 years of experience to support you.

“Was this anyhow useful for you?”

You want more energy, strength and courage? Being in a good flow?
I´d like to work with you in business coaching.

Appreciative – strengthening – international

Personally in the region of Basel or online all over the world.
Live your best life, whatever you do.

„When is it necessary to act?
When just to be there, observe and say nothing?
I give you space, time and safety.“