When you
move on ...


For jobseekers and those who want to take the plunge into self-employment.


Find your life´s purpose.
Dare to try new things.

Dream job

Find your ideal job,
which meets your purpose


Use the interview process to
find out whether the job really
is for you.


Know the market and
determine your own value.

Partner on the path to your purpose

  • What are your strengths and how do you use them best to achieve your goals?
  • What has worked well for you in your job search so far?
  • How can „ask instead of say“ be helpful in the interview towards your dream job in Switzerland?

An enrichment for the company

As a young professional in Berlin I was well respected. As I moved abroad I was suddenly unknown, which was a very uncomfortable feeling. With coaching this changed tremendously:

  • Goodbye to well-intentioned advice.
  • Approach the job with perspective rather than adaption.
  • Shift from seeker to co-creator.

Filling a new position is now a bilateral business. If you are authentic, honest and confident, you usually will manage to get your dream job. Know what makes you happy in your profession.

What do you want to find out?

HR- and recruiting experience

Constellation work for contact with strengths

CV-writing, job interview preparation

Specialist for new beginnings

Chemistry Call.

One click and we find out, what will take you further now. Free of charge. It´s worth a try. I look forward to meeting you.

30 years of experience to support you.

„I love it, when small things bring resources to bloom and my clients get their life under control again.”


„Was this anyhow useful for you?“

You are looking for a job? One which fits your strengths and interests, your values and your personal goals? I’ll work with you to find suitable work environments and job roles.

Interesting - customized – with perspective

Your potential employer will be grateful to hire you.
Personally in the region of Basel or online all over the world.
Live your best life, whatever you do.