When you feel
at home....

Intercultural Training & Coaching.

For expats, their families and others who relocated.



Find your way in your new
homeland and feel comfortable.

Understand the culture


Discover intercultural gaps
and manage them.



Develop empathy for the
new and the unknown.

Inspire your team


Prepare well for the new
intercultural team.

Partner for new beginnings

  • What is important to know about Switzerland?
  • What helps you feel at home and comfortable in
  • How do you behave with different nationalities in your team,
    so that all resources shine?

Cold water and new shores

I have had many new beginnings in my life. It was not the „usual“ path taken.

  • Berlin. China. Switzerland.
  • Teacher. Human resources manager. Seminar leader.
  • Employee. Leader. Freelancer. 

Welcome new openness and curiosity.
I developed from thinking I knew best to a partner - solution focused coach and intercultural coach and trainer.

How can I support you to arrive in the new surroundings?

Intercultural understanding

New beginning and roles abroad

International branches experience

Expat experience

Chemistry Call.

One click and we find out, what will take you further now. Free of charge. It´s worth a try. I look forward to meeting you.

30 years of experience to support you.

„It´s not always about immediate change. Sometimes it´s simply good when a new thought


„Was this anyhow useful to you?“

You want to settle in Switzerland? You want to feel at home, make friends and have a good start in your new job?
I´d like to accompany you with intercultural training and coaching.

Understanding - curiosity - courage

Personally in the region of Basel or online all over the world.
Live your best life, whatever you do.