When you feel confident …

International Leadership Coaching.

For international management and leaders of global teams.

Leadership style


Find your own authentic leadership personality.

Role security


Clarify and strengthen
your leadership role.



Skillfully contribute
your solid ideas.

Team leadership


Achieve goals together more
efficiently and with sensitivity.

Sparring-partner in leadership.

  • How do you best hear and follow your own signals?
  • How do you lead more efficiently, saving time and resources?
  • How do you improve use of your team´s resources in times of increasing demands and fast changes?

Change perspective

I have often asked myself: 'Am I doing this right?'
At some point I stopped trying to be perfect for others.
I learned to listen and to trust my intuition.

  • With inner growth to natural leadership.
  • From the rat race to a good work-life-balance.
  • From being a teacher to a solution focused coach.

I became open to new perspectives, better than the ones I already knew. Since then I am more creative, relaxed, and successful.

What strengthens you?

Leadership experience

New roles and beginnings

Paradigm shift

Solution focused coaching

Chemistry Call.

One click and we find out, what will take you further now. Free of charge. It´s worth a try. I look forward to meeting you.

30 years of experience to support you.

„Bringing together different perspectives, that benefit everyone, is crucial. Above all, this requires listening to what is important for others.”


„Was this anyhow useful for you?“

You don´t just want to convince your business partner and lead your team more safely, but also to surprise yourself?
I support you in your personal growth, which will help you with your leadership task.

Confident – convincing - flexibel

Personally in the region of Basel or online all over the world.
Live your best life, whatever you do.