When you are
ready for gold ...

Mentor Coaching

For ICF coaches

Coaching in flow


Let go and get into the flow
with your coachee.



What´s working.



Have role clarity and
establish co-creation.

Core competences


Confidently meet the relevant ICF credential level.

Partner in the learning process to own coaching quality

  • How do I coach when the coachee names topics that are also my own?
  • What is different in my role as coach to a consultant?
  • What is my responsibility as your coach, what not?

Mentor coaching today

As a mentor coach it is important to me that there is a solution focused mindset between me as your mentor and you as the coach.

  • Transition from memorized question-and-answer to co-creation.
  • Let go and own coaching competence.
  • Flexibel, up-to-date and intuitive process with the coachee.

I am impressed by my coachees and what they are achieving already. How fascinating it is, when they continue to develop their own creative potential.

What is the best way to support you in your learning process as a coach?

Certified mentorcoach, PCC credentialed

Solution focused coach

Group dynamics trainer

Appreciation and co-creation

Chemistry Call.

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30 years of experience to support you.

„When I let go, I am much more in touch with my own competences and thus also much more in connection with my clients.”


„Was this anyhow useful for you?“

Are you open to try new things?
Reflect with me on what is most useful in your coaching
with your clients to achieve the changes they want:

Growth – in the flow - appreciative

Find out what helps you to become more confident in coaching.
Personally in the region of Basel or online all over the world.
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